Rainwater Harvesting Made Simple
Harvesting water from the sky.

It's now clear to planners that the water supplies we depend on, used daily for water in households throughout the hill country, will far too soon become insufficient to meet demand.

rain water downspout

Water in the Hill Country comes from surface and groundwater supplies. The population is growing, the supply is decreasing, and demand will outstrip supply of conventional sources.

Fortunately, there is a logical alternative to sourcing from groundwater and the finite amounts in the Buchanan and Travis reservoirs, but so far few people have been taking advantage of a natural solution.

Rainwater harvesting captures, diverts and stores rainwater that can be used for all household and landscaping needs. Texas settlers captured precious water with cisterns, and many ranchers still rely on them. So why are so few homeowners jumping in to reap nature's bounty?