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Last updated 05/23/24


Water Resources in Central Texas
Living or building in the Hill Country brings water issues to the forefront. How to make wise choices, save money, and use the gift of rainwater through these resources. »

Austin Energy Sustainable Building Sourcebook

Information on sustainable building strategies and possible implementation issues for less familiar approaches to building. 

Buying a Home... the Homebuying Guide from HUD
Buying a new home, guide for home buyers. How much home, your rights, loans, inspections...what you need to know. Home buying information.

The Nature Conservancy - Texas Information
Texas is rich in natural treasures. Learn how to keep them and enjoy your Hill Country Home, too. Living with nature in Texas.
Articles and information about living, buying, and building a home in the Hill Country of Central Texas.

The Right Choices for a Sustainable, Efficient Home | Work with your builder to incorporate renewable and energy-efficient features for a comfortable home that saves you money to run. More...

Rainwater Collection Made Simple, Part 1  | It may be easier and more affordable to start with a small sustainable solution. A homeowner's DIY project to reap bounty from the sky. More...

Bring Beautiful Hill Country Visitors with Butterfly Gardens | Great resources for making a haven in your yard...the plants and the secrets. More...

Building Green in the Hill Country
| Get the right architect and see how your new home can be beautiful (and green) with greater comfort and fewer energy costs. More...

Planting Smart in the Hill Country
| How to select drought tolerant, deer-resistant plants and attract welcome attention from hummingbirds and butterflies in your Hill Country landscape. Enjoy your easily maintained landscape year round. More...

   Visit Wimberley!
The guide to Wimberley, Texas, a unique little village located between San Antonio and Austin. This town's struggle to balance water and environmental concerns with increasing development is typical of challenges facing the Central Texas Hill Country.Home buying information.

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