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Green Sells!

Friendly Building
Smart homebuyers can now choose homes that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and beautiful. Increased awareness of environmental issues is fueling a change in the way a potential buyer may look at your home.
Using sustainable building guidelines when building or remodeling your home can pay off big when you're ready to resell!
Now it's possible to benefit from green building practices while living in your home and at resell time. Read on...
The development of exciting new building materials makes it easier now than ever before for homebuyers to move into a new environmentally responsible, energy-efficient home. Smart material choices from paints to floor coverings, and now even the very walls, may now be made from an array of products that are environmentally friendly, healthier, less wasteful, and more appealing to many home buyers.

ARXX System

"We are living in a world of advancing technology that provides us with better building systems", says one Wimberley builder.

"Imagine getting a thermal energy factor of R-50 or better in walls! No CFC's, HCFC's or formaldehyde is used in the production and that means cleaner, healthier air. This is the essence of environmental friendliness."

Examples of sustainable building practices to consider when building and remodeling include:

Energy efficiency:
Use of high tech insulating materials
Passive solar heating and cooling
Efficient appliances
"Daylighting" and solar water heating
Positioning your home to maximize breeze
Water conservation:
Low flow fixtures
Xeriscaping, the use of plants that require little water
Rainwater collection
Building with indigenous materials and "harmony with nature" incorporating:
Use of non-toxic construction materials
Use of stone, glass, concrete, wire, metal
Environmentally integrated design versus structures that compete with the natural terrain
Hard surface flooring such as concrete or tile

Living in a home embracing these practices saves money for the homeowner. And when it's time to sell, an energy- and resource-efficient home will pay off in a successful resale.

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