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Portals to Another Place:
Artistic Gates

Annabel Harwell

Artistic Gate
The Hill Country boasts thousands of cattle gates, but have you ever driven by an entry adorned by gate so beautiful that you just had to stop and gaze? Annabel Harwell introduces you to a world where practicality and art merge.
At the turn of the last century, that is the millennium before this one, ornate garden gates, fancy entranceways, and estate portals had become a new, wonderful art form. Varying in style from Victorian to Abstract to Art Nouveau to Symbolic, iron work graced virtually every architecturally significant building, church, and home.

As part of the Texas Renaissance in architecture today, beautiful iron, steel, copper, and bronze gates are again gracing and adding grace to our homes in the Hill Country and to villages like Wimberley. Whether at the entrance to your garden, your swimming pool, or your xeriscaped yard, a beautiful gate, like any piece of art, is a passage to another place and perhaps a different time that gives joy not only to the owner, but to all who pass by.

Wimberley artisans combine the ancient skill of metalworking with the artist's eye to create some of the most beautiful "street art" you'll ever see. Some of this work embodies the spirit of the old West, and other art may incorporate three-dimensional life forms in welded steel or cast bronze, resulting in a gate that can make an entry an event. This is art you can live with!

Discovering the right artist to design and execute your gate-as-art can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you'll have in planning exterior features for your home. Spend some time getting to know the work of the artist whose work you may commission, or buy finished art right off the "ground." Either way, you'll experience an extra thrill each time you enter your garden or drive, and it's a thrill you'll share with all who enjoy your hospitality.


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