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Butterfly Gardening in the Central Texas Hill Country

Beautiful hill country visitor
Information, links and resources for attracting a beautiful hill country visitor to your Central Texas garden.
Austin, Wimberley, San Marcos, Kerrville, New Braunfels... all are centered in migrating paths for the fabulous Monarch butterflies as well as the Central Flyway for migrating birds. The diminishing natural diversity of plants native to the Central Texas Hill Country invites a wide variety of insect life, some exotic, all fascinating.

Butterflies are among the most attractive of these visitors, and both gardeners and non-gardeners alike can attract these lovely creatures to yards and fields. All it takes is a little knowledge and forethought to create an area where nature provides the entertainment.

Below are suggested resources for beginners and experienced gardeners for the delightful art of Butterfly Gardening. 

Attracting Butterflies to the Garden Explore the steps involved in planning a butterfly garden. Lots of photos of butterflies at various stages of life. Colorado State University.
 Bring Back the Butterflies Campaign Butterfly World produced this wonderful page which describes how to create a butterfly garden, specific to the state/area you live in!
  Butterflies and Larval Food Plants Nice chart by the University of California.
Butterfly Plant List
This resource is under revision. Please return soon for an updated list.
 Butterfly & Hummingbird Gardening Multiple articles on butterfly gardening.  
 The Butterfly Farm Gardening Guide for Region 4 (Texas) After checking out this helpful list, browse the rest of the site...many excellent resources.
 The Butterfly Garden A forum for the discussion of plants that both attract and provide habitat for butterflies.
 The Butterfly Gardeners Association Moved by the visible decline of butterfly populations worldwide, members plant butterfly gardens and promote education and action to help regenerate these gorgeous creatures.
 Butterfly Gardening and Conservation This site has information and pictures about butterflies and butterfly gardening.
 Butterfly Gardening Brief introduction to butterfly gardening.
 Butterfly Gardening in Containers Short article for those of us who like to garden in deer-protected containers, from the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.
 Caterpillar Host Plant Database A massive database provided by the London Natural History Museum. This site is an extremely useful resource, but requires patience in searching. Most easily used if you have the scientific names of your query handy.
 Gardening for Butterflies Nice introduction to butterfly gardening, includes butterfly and larval food plant lists.
 Gardening for Butterflies Clearly written article about benefits of butterfly gardening and a list of some butterfly host plants.
 How to Create Your Own Butterfly Garden The Smithsonian Institute's take on the subject. Nice resources.
 How to Make Butterfly Gardens Recommended for the useful photographs and thorough exploration of butterfly nectar preferences and larval food plants.
 Larval Food Plants Huge index sorted by plant type from a Norwegian site...but don't worry, it's all in English!
 Lifestyles of Specific Butterflies and Caterpillars Excerpts from Geyata Ajilvsgi's book "Butterfly Gardening for the South." A helpful approach to learning about individual butterflies.
 MonarchWatch Host Plants
 MonarchWatch Nectar Sources
Chart of butterfly caterpillars and their preferred host plants.
Chart of nectar sources to attract butterflies to your garden.
 Nectar Plants and Their Visitors A personal site by Hiltrud Masuch Webber with plants that attract butterflies and moths. Included here because of the useful links directly to identification photos of butterflies.
 Natural Gardener in Austin Tour this butterfly garden online, and check it out for real in South Austin, handy for Hill Country gardeners.


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