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Rainwater Harvesting Resources for the Hill Country of Central Texas

Links and resources for installing a sustainable rainwater supply system.
Hays County, along with other Central Texas counties, is one of the fastest growing in Texas. Unfortunately, in much of the Hill Country, that growth is dependent on single-family wells. Unmanaged drilling has put a severe strain on groundwater sources in the region. Wells are going dry and owners are having to take expensive measures to keep them pumping, which really doesn't solve the long term problem.

More growth is predicted. In fact, district forecasters expect more home water wells to be drilled each year. Many wise Hill Country home owners and buyers are opting for rainwater systems... some as an adjunct to existing water supply systems and others as a means to become completely free of the necessity of dependence on groundwater systems.

Below are selected resources for planning and installing a rainwater harvesting system.

Texas Guide to Rainwater Harvesting
An 88 page manual to download and print from the Texas Water Devlopment Board, illustrating everything from gutters, to tanks, to treatment. A great kick start guide for your complete rainwater system.

NAHB Rainwater Harvesting Resources
Worth exploring, especially the illustrations. Includes some equipment suppliers.

Sustainable Energy Sourcebook, Water Chapter
A very complete, very useful guide to most facets of rainwater harvesting, including tables for computing water use needs and more.

Wondering about Tanks? Here are Answers!
Get a quick primer on materials, styles and location of of the most important decisions of the process.

Graywater Harvesting Tips
Optimizing your water supply will probably include recycling, wherever legally permissible. This simple page may provide you with just the tip you need to save gallons and gallons...

Rainwater Collection, Installation, and Service Resources for the Hill Country of Central Texas
Your guide, here on the Hill Country Home Guide, to local suppliers and rainwater collection experts.

in Central Texas